Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ragheb Alama end of the new clip

The office of singer Ragheb Alama announced that the artist has wrapped up the filming of his latest music video last week. The song is part of his new album that will be released by the end of this year.
The music video was filmed in Qatar’s capital, Doha, more specifically at The Pearl-Qatar Island, in addition to some scenes that were shot in Lebanon. The video includes scenes that reflect the glamorous lifestyle offered by The Pearl-Qatar and a background that mirrors residential towers, beaches and beach clubs, and the ambiance at the Island’s Marina. The music video also displays the unique lifestyle offered by the Island via scenes of entertainment, beaches, and nightlife within The Pearl-Qatar.
This new project that features an innovate idea with an original execution and filming is a result of the joint efforts of Superstar Ragheb Alameh and his technical team on one hand, and The Pearl-Qatar on the other.
The Arab Superstar has chosen to film in Qatar given the astronomical boom that the country has been witnessing and its growing potentials. Mr. Alameh also took into consideration the availability of the latest technologies and appropriate facilities that allow the kind of filming he aspired to, especially after agreeing with international French director Mr. Thierry Vergnes to shoot the video.
When asked by a reporter about the reason for choosing Qatar to film his music video, and specifically The Pearl-Qatar Island, Mr. Alameh answered: “We are constantly searching for everything that is special and new and we have chosen to film the video in Qatar due to the authenticity of this country, and the warmth, hospitality and sophisticated taste of its people. Accordingly, we have chosen to film at The Pearl-Qatar since it reflects the beauty, richness, and luxury of Qatar”.
The filming of the video has ended and it is currently being edited in France. The expected release date is due at the beginning of October.



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